On and at the water’s edge

Driving a sailing boat

Sailing is a spectacular sailing sport for those who love wind, speed and adventure. No engine roaring, no exhaust, only the sound of the wheels rolling on the hard sand and the whistling of the wind in the sail, which is very tight, accompany the sailing boat.

The particularity of sailing boat driving is the combination of speed, tranquility and beach. This makes the sport attractive for recreational and competitive sailors, as well as for anyone wishing to discover the sport.

In addition to the extensive sailing and sailing opportunities on the Belgian beaches, it seems that competitions add a spectacular dimension to the sport: maximum speeds of 100 km / h at the strength of the wind are reserved for competition boats and trained pilots. …

The practice of sailing as a recreational sport leads to an increase in the number of interested people who can drive club boats through membership in a LAZEF club.

There is a dynamic team at the head of the federation. The fact that sailing  is an extremely attractive sport justifies the positive expectations for the sport.

-> individual courses

-> courses by groups, schools and companies

-> Free introduction during promotion days

-> Training of mobile sailing

-> The day of water sports

-> via club membership


The clubhouse is located at Dynastielaan 20 in 8660 De Panne.

The clubhouse is open every weekend from 11h to 17h.

The clubhouse is open every day from 11h to 19h during the school holidays.

During the summer months of July and August, a barbecue is offered every Friday evening from 19h.

Club bar: +32 (0) 58 420808

Kitesurfing course

If you want to learn to practice kitesurfing with a private teacher in a relaxed and quick way, then you are in the right place. We guarantee the most efficient and safest courses in Belgium.

Step 1: Choose a safe place for kiting.

Learn how to fly a kite with a high power kite.

Explanation and testing of security systems.

Introduction to kite 4 lines.

Step 2: Evaluate the weather forecast.

Evaluate the speed and direction of the wind.

Repeat the previous lesson

Auto rescue.

Clothing under the wind.

Clothes on the wind.

Restart the kite.


Step 3: choose the right kite.

Explanation of priority rules.

Theory of the departure of water.

Exercise on the departure of the water.

Learn to control and stop speed.

You can kitesurf independently!

Note: After step 3, you continue to practice. We have taught you all you need to practice the sport safely. There is no need to take further lessons at this level.

Side Shore Surfers, De Panne.
Zeedijk 109
8660 De Panne.
GPS: Pierre Bortierplein