Long live the sea!


Let yourself be fascinated by the fisherman’s life!

In the National Fisheries Museum you stroll through the history of the Flemish sea and coastal fishing industry. Shore-based fishing and the story of horseback shrimp fishermen, a unique living tradition in Oostduinkerke, have their place here in the rich museum collection. Did you know that you can send a Morse code message in the museum itself or experience an (almost) genuine storm? The coastal fishing vessel OD.1 Martha and the impressive North Sea aquariums complete this atmospheric complex. The Fisheries Museum’s collection brings together patrimony, art, crafts and the rich natural life of the North Sea.

Dive below the waterline

Under the water line, two North Sea aquariums decorate the hull of coastal fishing vessel Martha. These contain more than 25 species of fish and other creatures from the North Sea.

A real ship?!

Bring your entire family!

The NAVIGO-museum offers something for everybody in the family!

Shrimp fishing on horseback

Shrimp fishing on horseback is a form of traditional craftsmanship closely connected with nature: good knowledge of the sea, the sand strip and a high level of trust and respect for the horse are essential. Fishing for shrimp with a horse-drawn drag net in the shallow water is only possible on a flat, very gently sloping coastline. This is also the biotope in which the grey shrimp, Crangon crangon, is found in abundance.
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) has added the shrimp fishermen on horseback of Oostduinkerke to the world list of intangible cultural heritage at its annual meeting in Azerbaijan in December 2013.


How does it work?

Shrimp fishing on horseback is a form of traditional craftsmanship closely connected with nature.

Want to see it yourself?

During the season tourists from at home and abroad are treated to demonstrations ranging from the fishing itself to shrimp cooking.

So much to do and so much to see in Nieuwpoort. We have already prepared a list with the most important facts and sights for you.

Opening hours:

Open from 10 till 18h
Closed on monday (besides school vacations)

Open during hollidays

Duinpanne Nature Center

Free access

Dogs allowed on a leash

Accessible with wheelchair and pram

Parking for cars, bicycles and parking places for buses

The surrounding forest is freely accessible on the hiking trails from dawn to dusk

Abid access in stormy weather

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