Healthy sea air provides new energy

Healthy sea air is good for humans.

The sea breeze is a free vitamin cure.

The coast remains the healthiest destination. The sea literally and figuratively provides relief. It is not only nice to be on the coast, the atmosphere is relaxing, your body and your mind can breathe the good sea air.

Healthy balance

Exercise and healthy eating are the two basic principles of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. For a good balance in life, you can find a wide range of healthy regional products from the North Sea on the coast and in the center. You will also discover ideal prospects for a healthy movement. Why not a morning walk along the tide line?


Today, many people live in a hurry. De Panne is the ideal destination to escape from all this and recharge your batteries. The sea has an extremely anti-stress and relaxing effect on people by simply closing their eyes and listening to the sound of the waves.

The sea air

Healthy sea air gives an instant vitamin cure. It provides all this strength through the dose of iodine in the air that revives us and is extremely beneficial. Breathe the fresh air of the sea and refresh your whole body.

Take a breath of fresh air

The coast is a wonderful destination for every season. Good weather or bad weather: the coast is nearby and you can have a breath of fresh air in any season. It offers fun and relaxing moments to taste the wide open spaces at the edge of the sea and its immensity.

Owl and cool

In De Panne you can get fresh fish from the North Sea every day, with which you can always get accompaniments for a delicious meal. Fresh shrimps are also a hit!

On and at the water’s edge

The sea is always nearby. You can hear or feel the sea. The many beach clubs also take care of our health and fitness with their sports offer.

To be active at sea

For those who want to stay sporty, De Panne has a lot to offer. Cycling or walking is easy to access. With us you can rent a bike and we can also show you the way to all the beautiful places and all the possibilities of walking or cycling De Panne.

Living together

Everyone remembers the beautiful moments spent during their trips to the sea and that is why we always like to go back to the sea with family and friends to live together beautiful moments.

Sea view

Watching the sea is very therapeutic and provides a pleasant sensation. By opening the lungs from time to time, you treat your body ideally so that it gets a maximum of vitamins.

The four seasons

On the coast, you can participate in the four seasons of the year. A weekend in the spring or an autumn weekend are the real classics. Each season has its charm and always helps you recharge your batteries.